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Correct information (truth)
precedes useful knowledge and wisdom.


Are you one who is seeking truth?

"Choreographobia", an intense fear that what is being heard, seen, or presented is a very tight orchestration of information intended to compromise an individual and/or society standards and deceitfully persuade them away from a previously accepted principle of time tested truth. The goal of Choreographers' is to justify lesser principles and promote a false facade of safety and freedom.

My name is Edmund. This is where you can find me. I do not live here, and yet it is known as my Home Page. I have no doubts, however, as to where I currently am, or live. I also understand that I cannot determine the degree of your interests in what you find here, anymore than I can change your convictions or beliefs. I simply hope you enjoy your visit and are in some way inspired toward the good that is ever-present in life.


Books and resources for your perusal...

A reflective and enlightening presentation of ancient and latter-day history. Scriptural code and prophetic symbolism come alive within the believable realms introduced here.


Bible Prophecies of 9 - 11

It is a profound realization to find a modern event that was seen by ancient prophets who recorded their visions for us in these days.

In the day of the plenteous harvest there shall be (news) upon every high mountain in the day of great slaughter, when the towers fall  Isaiah 30:23 - 25




Bible Prophecies of 9 - 11




Ancient Symbols and Prophetic Utterances


A book and a hyper-text reference by Kendall Warth and Edmund A. Cook



Scientific Inquiry Files into John Bedini's Concepts and their Implementation

Science Inspiration Table of Contents





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