Ancient Prophetic Patterns Linked to Modern-Day Events

Pieces of the puzzle come together in provocative new biblical ‘find’


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In the day of the plenteous harvest… there shall be (news) upon every high mountain… in the day of great slaughter, when the towers fall  Isaiah 30:23 – 25

Thousands before you have entered this web site. Those seeking to discount this biblical discovery have failed in their attempt and are forever silenced! Our declaration is that God sent the modern world a concise message through the Bible, and that same message supports America entering Iraq. We invite all to disprove it! This message is not being spun out of context, nor is it another clever manipulation, but it actually qualifies itself as a true Bible prophecy.

The following video link presents a very clear overview of the book, "Bible Prophecies of 9 - 11." There are four parts for your convenience.

You now know Daniel sent direct clues applying to a future history, or in our day. In order to understand these applications watch Part 2, or remain mystified.

Now you know that Daniel communicated an important message.
Watching Part 3 brings that message even more clearly into focus.

To incorporate all these clues with 9 - 11 and Iraq, it is now critical you take 10 minutes and watch Part 4 to see Daniel's message intended for our day.

To know more about the author, and comprehend his motives, here is a glimpse of Paul Gregersen..


One of the authors, Paul Gregersen, is willing to discuss this topic, or answer questions concerning the contents of this book. Paul can be reached during reasonable Mountain daylight hours at 1 208 234 1907

Dear Fellow Christian Patriots

Table of Contents for Bible Prophecies of 9 - 11

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The 8th Beast is Found

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