Beyond Bedini's Simple Science Fair Motor

Thanks to John Bedini for sharing the information,
which made the spreadsheet possible.

The main purpose of the first section of this spreadsheet
is to demonstrate that the device built by a School Girl as a science fair project
was not only unusually efficient, but was actually only an introduction.

This spreadsheet's initial settings incorporate the original readings associated with the School Girl's results. I can't say my work is exact, but I can say it is an accurate representation for Bedini's concept and that such is only the beginning for what Bedini knows. This spreadsheet allows an inquisitive soul to "tweak" the initial settings in almost every imaginable way and ponder the results and contemplate how the 'Bedini concept' can expand the mind ever so quickly.

Here is a screenshot image for this section of my spreadsheet.

NOTE the "dark blue numbers." These numbers allow an inquisitive soul to change 'H 5,' the Voltage of the "Generating Characeristics," and see how doing so influences the "Generated Output" of the basic "school Girl Motor." The fun, however, is only beginning.

Next, find the "N Magnet" Cell title at 'D 16,' Increase the Magnetic influence through "# / Slot," 'D 19,' and/or "# / Rev," 'D 20,' and catch the vision for how the "Generated Output" responds. There is even an option for "Poles / Slot," 'E 19,' to demonstrate the influence of using both Magnetic Poles.

What you are witnessing is the potential for an all North Pole Bedini Motor, As you experiment you will find this concept very intriguing. Remember, the inquisitive may tweak any or all of the darker blue numbers, inclusive of "Wires' AWG," "Core Turns" and "Diameter," "Load," "Coil Length," and "Maximum Coil Diameter."

Also Note the settings for beginning "RPM's" and "Steps" for "Turns" and "RPM's." These entries establish what is seen in the two spreadsheet charts (charts A & B) below the Bedini Generator section. There are also several informational cells which monitor the data you enter and offer warnings and/or suggestions to correct the error.

Now you can comprehend why John Bedini wonders what is wrong with the world if a School Girl can build one of these and win a Science Fair?

There are technical notes at the bottom of this chart series, and such is also true of other charts.

Download My very interactive Spreadsheets

John also claims to have been working with these types of motors for a very long time, He has a vision as to how the world needs to be changed. Such must be accomplished through the children because they do not change things, and they are willing to learn. The "Educated" focus on what they have "learned" and change things to match what they already think they know.

John claims if people would just build these motor circuits the way they are described by the inventor, they would contain the same results he has claimed, and then they could make other improvements and we could become energy efficient.

This section of the spreadsheet is still in development, but focuses on the simple premise that 2 times the speed of a flywheel produces 4 times the inertia. See the Wilson design references in another section.

The third spreadsheet section was designed for either a generating type setup using an accelerated flywheel assembly, or to power a Wimshurst type device. A bicycle enthusiast would go crazy with the information this particular spreadsheet is capable of generating.

"My Opposing Fields" spreadsheet was created because two Magnetic North Poles have a greater repulsion than the attraction of their North and South poles. This phenomena is very intriguing to me and this section was designed to simulate such magnetic influences in the cycles of motion in this type of motor design.

The "555" section of the spreadsheet is a tool for finding component values for desired pulses from a 555 Chip. I included two versions of each because the second versions allow the resistance value to be more precise.

Whether you are learning how to determine the values of a Resistor by its Color Code, or remembering the values of the colors is a struggle for you, here is a unique approach. This section of the spreadsheet easily deciphers the coded values with no regard for the old or new standard.

Or you are studying or designing a resonant circuit.

This section simply creates a graph of how an increasing magnetic field's influence increases the resulting voltage via a coil.

There is much information available about magnificent claims for more efficient vehicles. It is easy to doubt these claims, even though one of the earliest was made by Nikola Tesla. The greatest challenge is presented by claims that simply are not true. It is easy to discredit a valid claim with an obviously invalid claim. A deeper study reveals that there truly have been more than 250 Patents issued for achievements of greater than 100 MPG. An even deeper analysis clearly reveals why these innovations are not available.

This section was designed after intense study of automobiles and the potential of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) getting more than 100 MPG. When you put "1" in J12 the results display the MPG my 69 Charger was getting. The text below the spreadsheet introduces the higher potential of Vapor verses Fuel. Put a "7.5," or a "10" in J12 and note the potential gain in MPG

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