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It is very noteworthy John the Revelator refers to the Beast as one single entity and this "entity" is not particular to any one period of time. The fourth, fifth, sixth, or even the first Beasts are actually the same Beastly personality hiding behind different masks. John clearly explains this interpretation when he said, "I saw a Beast (one) having seven heads and ten horns." (Revelation 1:1)

The actual identity of the Beast isolates one individual behind all seven heads. This includes the eighth, "who is of the seven." (Revelation 17:11) Satan is the true serpent Beast from the Garden of Eden and is the author of all the evil that comes forth from the spirit of Babylon. The Lion, Bear, and Leopard represent specific periods in history where Satan ruled through earthly Kingdoms. John's fourth Beastly/Kingdom was no different. The four phases of Rome were controlled by Satan, who first spake as a lamb and ended as a ten-horned Dragon. The fourth Beast/Kingdom was the Pagan Roman Dragon with one horn, Constantine's Christian lamb was the fifth Beast/Kingdom, the Gothic snake was the sixth Beast/Kingdom like unto the serpent Beast (Revelation 13:4), and the Roman Empire culminated with the Roman Dragon as the seventh Beast/Kingdom with ten horns. All seven of these Beast/Kingdoms represent separate images of the one consistent Beast that is identified through out history.

Remember, the fifth image was not a real Beast but an image "like" unto a lamb. (Revelation 13:11) Who did John say was speaking through the lamb's facade? "The dragon," or Satan! "Satan spake as a dragon." (Revelation 13:11)

So the question concerning the Beast "who is" during John's time in Pagan Rome is simply answered by declaring it as of the same Beast which existed in Constantine's day. The fall of Rome creates an illusion that the image for the lamb was gone, but the true Beast that "is," and "was" has been here all along. (Revelation 17:11) Pay close attention to John and Daniels' clues, or you will remain tangled in an unsolvable mystery forever. Any and all speculation about a NEW Beast coming out from a New World Order is not only out of historical context, but defies biblical prophecy. (Revelation 13:1)

The first Beast/Kingdom is Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar).

The second Beast/Kingdom is Persia

The third Beast/Kingdom is Greece.

Pagan Rome is the fourth Beast/Kingdom, having "four heads." (Daniel 8:8)

Constantine, the fifth Beast/Kingdom converts Pagan Rome into Christian Rome on the 5th day, Good Friday. (Revelation 17:10)

The Goths, the sixth Beast/Kingdom, toppled Western Rome in 476 AD and this causes that the fifth Beast/Kingdom's head (a Roman lamb) be wounded to death. The fall of Christian Rome is a huge mark in history. The Roman Empire was divided into East and West when Constantine changed the Capitol to Constantinople, leaving the Church headquarters in Rome. Rome was not as protected and the Goths had advantage. The Goths did not have their desires for a world empire and shared power one hour with the Beast because Constantinople ruled the other half of the Roman Empire. (Revelation 17:12)

Justinian was the seventh Beast/Kingdom. The Goths, who killed by the sword, were also they who must be killed by the sword. (Revelation 13:10) This transpired as Justinian avenged Rome when his generals "healed the headwound of the Christian Rome lamb" on the seventh head (on Sunday), mimicking Christ's resurrection on the 7th day. (Revelation 17:11) The Goths were removed from the West and Rome was recaptured in 538 AD. The Goth's Capitol was taken in 540 AD. Justinian is the Anti-Christ literally revealed in his own time as Paul long predicted.

The Pope is not the Anti-Christ, it was Justinian, the Emperor, who controlled the church and forced Christians to become the image of the seventh Beast/Kingdom. Justinian is the seventh Beast/Kingdom, rising above the image of Constantine's fifth Beast/Kingdom. Constantine "was," "and is not" (the death on Friday) "and yet is" when Justinian, the seventh Beast/Kingdom, resurrects Constantine's lamb on Sunday through a political healing which orchestrates the resurrection of the fifth Beast/Kingdom's false lamb to the seventh Beast/Kingdom in 540 AD. (Revelation 13:3)

Justinian fathers the Papal state, which begin with the two horns of Benedict and Gregory the great. Gregory was born in 540 as the "little horn." Benedict unites the church in 540 through his famous Monastism "horn," a plan to strengthen the Church. Later in the same century, little horn Gregory grew into the Papacy and took control of the State Church, pioneering the 8th Papal Empire. He becomes the first Benedict Pope. Gregory failed to see Rome as a political kingdom rather than the spiritual kingdom Christ had promised. Who controls earthly kingdoms? Satan.

The eighth little horn Beast/Kingdom (power) was not a legitimate kingdom empowered by God! Thus, it was not a true Christian kingdom but was portrayed as the eighth while still being of the seventh, a Roman civil authority. The eighth is therefore a deception of the seventh. (Revelation 17) "Bible Prophecies of 9 - 11" reveals more historical and Bible evidence than can possibly be presented here. Thus you have the type and shadow of seven times which passed over Nebuchadnezzar while he was a Beast in the field. (Daniel 4) Each of Nebuchadnezzar's 7 years represent a separate time of the Beast. His political wings were plucked when God removed him from his throne. (Daniel 7:3) Nebuchadnezzar repents after the 7th time of the Beast ended. (Daniel 4:33 - 34) He then grows new eagle wings with bird's claws. (Daniel 4:33), becoming a model type for the Gentiles today, freed by America's Eagles wings after the seventh Roman Empire breaks into separate Gentile Kingdoms. Nebuchadnezzar, the father of the Gentile nations, is transformed from a Beast to an Eagle. The Gentiles fled the seventh kingdom and the mighty Eagle of freedom in the United States was born.

"He" who hath understanding to count the Beast is now here! The "seven hills" of Rome represent the seven kingdoms that either had been absorbed, or were to be absorbed as one Kingdom. Wild beasts eat other wild beasts, and these symbols may have well been used because each successive Kingdom absorbed the previous Kingdom's power.

Anyone that uses Religion to justify an earthly kingdom are following the predatory path of carnivorous beasts as reflected by the curse in the Garden of Eden.

The events of 9 - 11 brought together the pieces which allow the world to comprehend the meanings in the Bible. "Bible Prophecies of 9 - 11" uses several formulas which allow the calculation of "666."

We recently recieved a comment from a bookstore manager that she was not going to even order "Bible Prophecies of 9 - 11." She wrongfully assumed that it was just another negative conspiracy regarding the U S government attacking the Twin Towers, or would destroy legitimate reasons for our military to be in Iraq.

"Bible Prophecies of 9 - 11" neutralizes all the deceptive conspiracies, and does so from the Bible's own text. The Bible clearly states that there was to be an Eagle in the last days that would free Iraq, the exact location where Babylon was anciently.

These biblical scriptures open powerful prophecies revealing God's promises and hand in freeing the people of Iraq, immediately after the towers fall.

Many are exploiting the tregedies of 9 - 11 with claims that are false. Words cannot express the joy which came to us when we found this powerful message in the Bible, knowing that Christians can rise above all the spun theories and witness a message about 9 - 11 from God in their Bible's text.

"Bible Prophecies of 9 - 11" unveils prophecies in the Bible that give specific details of 9 - 11 and Iraq. Christians will be amazed as they discover a previously unknown understanding of what is actually in their Bible. One example follows; In the plenteous increase of the earth (September Harvest) there shall be (World News) upon every high mountain the day of great slaughter, when the towers fall. Isaiah 30:23 - 25

It may be difficult to believe what has been in the King James Bible until it is seen with your own eyes. Eagles are diverted by the heart of a lion to turn their own wings against their own tree, hewing it down to a stump. The Lord commanded that this stump be watered by the tears of heaven, causing a bush to grow. This bush grew and sprouted fiery branches against the lion, who was to be found hiding in the earth. This lion was to be stood up as a man upon his feet.

This book invites all who sincerely desire to comprehend God is still aware of this earth and that there were promises He made anciently that could not be understood until the end times.

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