Table of Contents







Chapter   1   Connecting Dots of the Eleventh Horn

Chapter   2   Basic Biblical Foundations for 9 - 11

Chapter   3   The King’s Second Dream

Chapter   4   Biblical Shadows with George Bush's Election

Chapter   5   Babylon at Our Door

Chapter   6   Unified, Civil and Religious, Constitutional Laws

Chapter   7   Prophets On the Street Corner

Chapter   8   Pariah to Paragon

Chapter   9   Monsters and Beasts

Chapter   10   Heads and Horns; Queens and Harlots

Chapter   11   Days and Years

Chapter   12   Popes

Chapter   13   Abomination of Desolation

Chapter   14   Cleansing the Sanctuary

Chapter   15   Babylon Today

Chapter   16   The Invisible Shadow

Chapter   17   Secretive Organizations

Chapter   18   Faceless Terrors

Chapter   19   Armed Citizens

Chapter   20   Biblical Scams

Chapter   21   Chasing Armageddon's Shadows

Chapter   22   A Holy War

Chapter   23   Leaving Babylon

Chapter   24   The Man of Sin Revealed

Chapter   25   Elusive Beasts

Chapter   26   Beastly Images Unraveled

Chapter   27   Opposing Forms of Unity

Chapter   28   Begotten Beasts of the Flesh

Chapter   29   The Viral Nature of the Mark

Chapter   30   The Secret Covenant

Chapter   31   Buying and Selling the Mark

Chapter   32   The Destructive Image of Status

Chapter   33   True Freedom

Chapter   33   Understanding God’s Covenants through Birthright

Chapter   34   Distinguishing True Spiritual Fruits and Feasts

Chapter   35   The Challenge


A Clarification On the “Mark”



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