Pieces of the puzzle come together in provocative new biblical ‘find’

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Fellow Christian patriots,

If a true Bible prophecy were being fulfilled today, would Christians believe such were true? America faces the possibility of a left wing candidate becoming elected president this year. The left wing media relentlessly works to stir up and maintain hatred for the Iraqi war because they are assisting democratic candidates to win the White House by promising to pull the troops from Iraq.

This means of surrender is proposed during a critical time when America faces the most dangerous enemies upon the earth and these enemies have every intention of attacking our great nation by any possible means! These enemies are plotting new attacks on America, and they are driven by the very same hatred and fervor they hold against our friends in Israel.

Suppose there were specific Bible prophecies deliberately written for 2008? There are certainly many prophecies written within the Bible which confuse Christians and are not yet fulfilled.

If today's Christians truly believe in Bible prophecy, they must not only accept the reality that they live in a time when actual prophecies are soon to be fulfilled, but also that these events will come in a powerful way. Do we not already see the prophetic signs in the Middle East?

Christians may very well doubt that prophetic events are being fulfilled today because of the enthusiasts who have relentlessly spun Bible prophecy as they interpreted isolated meanings into unrelated biblical context. They have done so for the sole purpose of making money. Did a genuine fulfillment of Bible prophecy recently happen in our day?

A Christian in the United States was recently studying the Bible prophecies. He was honestly seeking a true understanding concerning scriptural passages which had caused millions of Christians’ confusion for thousands of years.

Like the brightness of the sun bursting forth from darkened clouds, he saw the entire episode of 9 - 11 in every possible detail within the pages of the Holy Bible. He seriously pondered what just occurred while experiencing great joy as he contemplated a reality that he alone had made a biblical discovery no other person on the earth knew anything about. He then pondered how to inform others of this knowledge without sounding like another nut seeking attention around American airports. How could he avoid sounding like someone seeking the limelight through a fabrication of some sensational and disjointed story? He could contain this news no longer, he told his friends, who naturally wondered if he had lost his reason after enjoying a long reputation of being known as a sound reasonable man.

The astounding news about actual biblical evidence over 9 - 11 is convincing to this man's neighbors and friends, even the local media investigated the matter, making this discovery news.

Bookstores sell out a number of books in just days while Christians from Britain and Europe discover this matter and quickly sell out their stock.

The last thing the liberals want is for this book to reach the light of day during this election year. This message is not just another manipulation of Bible text but reveals an intentional message written by true biblical prophets for you and this nation. We are trying to reach honest Christians who seek biblical truth.

If you lived 60 years ago when the television was first invented you naturally wanted to witness this miracle yourself, rather than rely on the testimony of others. Unfortunately, the only way for this discovery to reach the masses before the election this November, means this information must come from one investigating Christian at a time.

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