Ancient Prophetic Patterns Linked to Modern-Day Events

Pieces of the puzzle come together in provocative new biblical ‘find’


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In the day of the plenteous harvest… there shall be (news) upon every high mountain… in the day of great slaughter, when the towers fall  Isaiah 30:23 – 25

Former Blackfoot resident publishes book on 9 – 11   

Blackfoot Morning News, Wednesday, November 7th, 2007


POCATELLO – Paul Gregersen, who lived in Blackfoot for more than 15 years and now lives in Pocatello, wrote a book entitled "Bible Prophecies of 9-11" with Edmund A. Cook that explains a chain of prophecies that all link to the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

The authors claim there are direct references connecting George Bush to America's eagle wings to free Iraq. Gregersen said it's possible for anyone to find correlations between modern-day events and bible scripture by manipulating the context of the Bible, but he said all his findings are in proper context.

"You just go to find these puzzle pieces and put them in the right spot," he said. "There are so many parallels that it's almost obvious."

Gregersen is a Christian, scriptural student, published author, ran for political office, an accomplished musician and songwriter, who performs and teaches professionally. He is currently a talk show host at Pocatello Vision 12, offering an open forum for politics, 
religion, and human behavior. He has been married to Launa for 20 years and has four teenage children.

More information about the book is available at

His book is currently for sale at and all Christian book stores, and will soon be sold at Barnes & Noble.

– Morning News staff

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